Blinds corners and curves - Flowering trees for shade.


Paint net shading : Inverted pleat draperies.

Paint Net Shading

paint net shading

    paint net
  • Paint.NET is a proprietary freeware raster graphics editing program for Microsoft Windows, developed on the .NET Framework. Originally created as a Washington State University student project, Paint.

  • a gradation involving small or imperceptible differences between grades

  • A layer of paint or material used to provide shade, esp. for plants

  • graded markings that indicate light or shaded areas in a drawing or painting

  • The darkening or coloring of an illustration or diagram with parallel lines or a block of color

  • A very slight variation, typically in color or meaning

  • (shaded) protected from heat and light with shade or shadow; "shaded avenues"; "o'er the shaded billows rushed the night"- Alexander Pope

paint net shading - Create Your

Create Your Own Website Graphics Using (Training Videos)

Create Your Own Website Graphics Using (Training Videos)

If you have spent any time at all looking around the Internet you will notice that most sites have website graphics on them. The reason for that is that the website owner knows that having great graphics increases their conversion rates. In the case of digital products, the site graphics help the visitor envision a physical product. This will actually put a higher value for that product in that persons mind and will help to convert more sales.
You can accomplish the same thing by having graphics on your website. You will almost certainly make more sales just by adding a couple of graphics. Having graphics created can be an expensive proposition especially if you are just starting out. You may not have the money in the budget to have them created for you. There is a free solution. That's right - FREE! You can use a program called and this video tutorial to learn how to create your own graphics in about 90 minutes. What you need now is to learn how to use the software to create your graphics. It looks pretty daunting when you first download it, but with a couple of hours of training you will be creating your own website graphics and saving money. This video series consists of four videos and is about eighty minutes long. Sit back and watch as I walk you through how to create your own website graphics.

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Shades of blue

Shades of blue

When I say Kovalam, its not the ultra popular kovalam kerala, I am talking about. this is a small beach village, some 25-30 kms may be from chennai on ECR. also popular for dargahe mohammad chouse. there is long walled sea shore temple and a clean beach with few rocks to enjoy splashes, on the temple side.

Even in the month of september, while monsoon cools down the atmosphere. the temperature reaches its high, and is intolerable except if you're in water and close enough to get some cool breeze. and that time, these tarpaulins, are set as shades by villagers/fishermans to hide 'em from harsh sun till it sets.

Location: Kovalam, chennai,
P.S. what I liked about this shot was the symmetry the two blue tarpaulins created, and second was the circular cloud formation, here I did a little softening to the image using

UPDATE : I figured this is Covelong and not kovalam.



only color/luminance-inversion done in, no other changes.
Background effects are made by a 2nd (painted) glass.
The internal flash & external (triggered) flash Nissin Di622 were used to light the scene.

By the way - 2000 views on my stream. Thank you ;)

paint net shading

paint net shading

Volcom Tradition Pant - Men's Purple Paint, L

Keep things classy when you pull on the Volcom Men's Tradition Pant for a stormy day of dropping pillows, greasing booters, and fiving high. In case you didn't hear, the fiver is back. We all had five on it at one point, but the Tradition Pant, it's got 10 on it, 10k-rated waterproof fabric that is. An ergo fit leaves some room for layers and a little sag, and small touches like zip vents and an adjustable inner-waistband keep everything nice and comfy when you're lapping the lift all morning.

Product Features
Material: [membrane/laminate] V-Science (2-layer); [shell] V-Science twill; [lining] V-Science
Fabric Waterproof Rating: 15,000 mm
Fabric Breathability Rating: 10,000 g/m
Fit: Ergo
Venting: inner thigh mesh vents
Side Zips: no
Gaiters: yes, elasticized
Seams: fully taped
Waist: belt loops with button closure
Pockets: 2 hand, 2 side cargo, 2 back, 1 hidden pass
Recommended Use: traditional snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty: 30 days

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window internal blinds

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Semi Sheer Draperies

semi sheer draperies

    semi sheer
  • Any denser-woven sheer with greater light-blocking characteristics.

  • A woven fabric that filters in a small amount of light, providing soft lighting.

  • (drapery) cloth gracefully draped and arranged in loose folds

  • Cloth coverings hanging in loose folds

  • The artistic arrangement of clothing in sculpture or painting

  • A curtain (sometimes known as a drape, mainly in the United States) is a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure light, or drafts, or water in the case of a shower curtain. Curtains hung over a doorway are known as portieres.

  • Long curtains of heavy fabric

  • (drapery) curtain: hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)

semi sheer draperies - firefend Batiste

firefend Batiste Semi Sheer Panel, 56-Inches-by-54-Inches, Cream

firefend Batiste Semi Sheer Panel, 56-Inches-by-54-Inches, Cream

Firefend™ is the first ready-made Flame Retardant window collection. Not only does the firefend™ Batiste Semi-Sheer offer extra fire protection for your home and family, it is: Flame Retardant, Machine Washable and Made in the USA! Composed of firefend™, firefend™ Kids and the firefend™ Batiste Semi-Sheer, this innovative collection combines decor with an extra measure of fire protection. Firefend™ is extensively tested by Independent, Third Party, Accredited Laboratories and Certified to meet the following strict flammability standards or codes (NFPA-701 Small Scale – 1999 Edition, 2004 Edition and 2010 Edition, BFD 1X-1). Each and every production lot of firefend™ meets all these requirements! 100% Polyester. Machine Wash Separately, Gentle Cycle, Cold; Tumble Dry Separately, Gentle Cycle, No Heat. Made in USA.

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13th century Reliefs

13th century Reliefs

Though the south portal is heavily restored and the west completely replaced the north portal of Metz Cathedral retains it's authentic medieval sculpture, if only in the much simpler form of reliefs set above simulated swags of drapery (a device also used inside the cathedral). Biblical scenes are complemented by ornamental panels filled with small figures of bizarre creatures.

The Cathedrale St Etienne in Metz is one of the most impressive gothic cathedrals in France and also distinguished by being one of the tallest. It dates mainly from the 13th century but has been added to much since.

Externally it is the bulk of the building and the sheer height of it's clerestorey windows (so much of the building appears to be glass) that impresses most. The two towers are relatively small (and oddly positioned part way down the nave instead of the normal facade arrangement) but they are most graceful structures (the northern one only completed in the 19th century). The portals are rich with sculpture but are almost entirely 19th century work (the west porch being the largest, but normal entrance is by a secondary and no less richly adorned portal at the south west corner of the nave).

Inside the height of the vaults is breathtaking, the narrowness of the interior accentuating the effect. The arcades are somewhat low in proportion to the enormous areas of clerestorey glazing that appears to take up at least half of the wall space. The south side is enlivened by two projecting chapels with apses accessed from the aisle.

The outstanding feature of the cathedral is it's stained glass, most of it late medieval including great swathes of early 16th century work by Valentin Bousch. More famous still however are the more recent 20th century contributions to the glazing (following the loss of some 19th century glass in World War II) including three rich windows by Marc Chagall and a set of semi abstract pieces by Jacques Villon.

Vintage 1960's Orange Patchwork Print Fabric

Vintage 1960's Orange Patchwork Print Fabric

7 yds by 45"
Lightweight cotton, unwashed still has sizing in it will likely soften up once washed. Right now is very crisp almost like an organdy.

Semi sheer, would be great for curtains, quilting, or a fabulous hippy dress or skirt
See my profile for more info

semi sheer draperies

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